The 1st Annual Sandy Sprint 5K Run/Walk California (Virtual) November 14- November 30, 2020 




Here is the Virtual Guided Course! You can choose to do this one or choose one of your own.  


  1. Download the free RunGo app, on iPhone or Android
  2. Open the route in the app. Best to open the URL (route on the web) on the phone browser, then tap "Open in the RunGo app"
  3. Start the run in the correct mode: "Start" if on the actual course, "Outdoor Virtual Mode" if outdoors but remote (uses your GPS to track progress), or "Indoor/Treadmill Virtual Mode" if indoors on a treadmill or just running on the spot (just keep the phone on you – in your pocket, armband, or hand – to detect your progress with steps)
  4. At the end of the run, when the route says "Stop the timer," stop the run
  5. Tap "Share" and "Submit to Virtual Race" and select "Sandy Sprint" from the list
  6. Celebrate!


How to run & new Virtual Modes:
To enter, runners can, of course, run the actual route, if that is safe and appropriate right now. You'll  be able to follow with the voice-guided navigation and messages – no checking a map or memorizing needed.


Or you may run it in RunGo's unique Virtual Modes: Virtual Mode allows runners to run the race course routes from anywhere, in any way:
  1. You can run outdoors around their block or any route in Outdoor Virtual Mode, or
  2. Indoor on a treadmill in Treadmill Virtual Mode, even on the spot. You  must have your phone on you: in your pocket, hand, armband, etc. You can also watch the course POV in Live Street View
It will track your steps and GPS for the results submission too.
There are helpful videos here for reference:







The Sandy Sprint is hosted by the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation in an effort to spread the word about our mission and raise funds to advance research.  All funds raised will support Ovarian Cancer Research.







Race Start Times








Registration Fees:


Virtual 5K: $35


Virtual Children under 12: $25















The Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of ovarian cancer, advocating for early diagnostic testing,supporting ovarian cancer patients and their families and advancing research towards a cure.