The Virtual Sandy Sprint Hershey will take place September 1-30,  during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. The Sandy Sprint is hosted by the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation in an effort to spread the word about our mission and raise funds to advance research.  All funds raised support Ovarian Cancer Research.
Steps to Register as Part of a Team

1. Go to

2. Click Join a Team

3. Click Join as a new participant

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the Team Name in the Team Name Field and Click Search for A team

5. The team name will appear in Teal at the bottom of the page- click join

6. Click your registration category

7. Enter registration information and create login (if you have registered in the past, you can simply log in)

8. Click next step and sign waiver

9. Click Register family member (if applicable) (don't click complete registration)

10. Choose Registration category for the family member you're registering and Click next and then you'll be prompted to enter his information.

Once done- click complete registration and it will take you to payment.





The Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of ovarian cancer, advocating for early diagnostic testing,supporting ovarian cancer patients and their families, and advancing research towards a cure.