This Week's Teal Spotlight Team is Peggy's Posse

"I am a Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer Survivor. I was diagnosed January 30th, 2016 and finished my last chemo treatment in July of 2016. My connection to ovarian cancer started many years ago when a close family friend was diagnosed. My Aunt Ellie, who is an active member of the Sandy Rollman OvarianCancer Foundation, was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer 16 years ago and has been involved since the start of the organization. It baffles me that in the course of 30 years we have not advanced to the point of a screening test or a vaccine. It amazes me that it's 3 generations later and we still have serious work to do in bringing awareness and education to the medical community and women alike."

"My team consists of family and close friends. I have the best support system a girl could ask for! This is my first year participating and my goal is to recruit 25 walkers on my team. I'm using Facebook, close contacts, and resources from the Sandy Rollman Foundation to spread the word. As my sister says, "I will be proud to walk beside you." So much positive comes from adversity. Some of us will be dressed as superheroes this year especially my pup, he walks with me every day!"

"I am in the healthcare profession myself and now on the opposite side of the bed. There is a big difference in when you're diagnosed with an illness or disease that has captured headlines and big research funds.There has been great progress for us ladies, however, I believe that spreading awareness and education is key in getting the funds for research. Now as I am recovering I see my life is taking a new direction and commitment to a cure is part of the plan."


The 13th Annual Sandy Sprint Run/Walk will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Paine's Park.

The Sandy Sprint is hosted by the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation in an effort to spread the word about our mission and raise funds to advance research. It's a powerful day inspired by fearless spirit and lasting legacy.

We encourage you to dress as your favorite Superhero. While costumes are not required, they add to the fun!

Register yourself and your Pup to participate.If you cannot be there in person, register as a Sleepwalker. Race Day Registration begins at 6:30 am. All funds raised will support the OvarianCancer Dream Team and our Ovarian Cancer Research Grant Program.


Race is timed. Chips are in your bibs.

10K Run Begins at 7:30 AM

5K Run/Walk Begins at 8:15 AM


The Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of ovarian cancer, advocating for early diagnostic testing,supporting ovarian cancer patients and their families and advancing research towards a cure.

Watch Highlights from the 2016 Sandy Sprint!